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New Events 


Franki Baaz is about to release her new music album.  Her first completely self produced album titles "In The Sea of Truth and Love".  For more info go to; www.frankibaaz.com

APRIL 2012:  Franki Baaz launches her own line of originally designed jewelry collection under the name of Fae Wray at;  www.faewray.com/

MAY 2012:  Franki Baaz was featured in a 2 page editorial with picturs, about her music in the national magazine Albuquerque Talent Magazine in the May 2012 issue.  You can see the magazine article on the website of Albuquerque Talent Magazine if you were not able see it on the newstands in May 2012 at;  http://www.albuquerquetalent.com/emag/story/franki-baaz

JUNE 2012:  Franki Baaz reaches the number one spot on Reverbnation in the singersongwriter catagory.  You can see it here; http://www.reverbnation.com/#!/main/bes_chart?artist_id=1669513&genre=Alternative&genre_geo=Local

JUNE 2012:  Franki Baaz is interviewed and annouces her upcoming album and book.  Posted to YouTube. See it here;http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmd6x85ykHo&feature=relmfu

Song; "Over Sexed Hot Mama" from The Marriage of Sex and Love album

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