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I Married the Music


Franki Baaz speaks frankly in the style of Ann Taylor Fleming and Candace Bushnell (Sex And The City) about the life and trials of trying to make it in the music business while raising a daughter and having a marriage with a musician. All of this occurring in and around the music scene of Los Angeles California, in the 1980s. She paints a vivid picture of a life she attempts to control while still holding on to her integrity. You will be taken on the ride as she weaves in and out of her own emotional issues and reaches for the ever illusive prize of a record contract. You will be drawn in as you see yourself in her as she strives to be the modern woman who can have it all.

E-Book about love and passion in the 1980's music urban scene of Los Angeles California 

Franki Baaz

Song; "It's You and I" from 2nd Great City album

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Franki Baaz