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Original band name; Thin Lines


'At that time we did not even have a real band name. We had been using the band name of Thin Lines but only because we could not think of anything better. I remember I had taken the name Thin Lines from a poem I had written. But as the time to release the first album came closer, we began rethinking a band name and I finally came up with name Great City. The Great City name came from the title of a story I had read in a sci-fi magazine called, The Great Cities of Venus. I had often thought to myself that although Los Angeles was my home town and to me it was not much of a city, that one day it might be a great city. And since we were a Los Angeles based band, it seemed appropriate.'

Great City business card

Excerpt from the book; I Married the Music

Song; "Impressive" from 1st Great City album

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Franki Baaz